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About Dolphins

About Dolphins

Risso's Dolphin

Risso's Dolphins are aquatic mammals.

Risso's Dolphin Classification:

Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Cetacea
Family: Delphinidae
Genus: Grampus
Species: Griseus

Other Names: the Grampus, Grey Dolphin, White-Head Grampus, Grey Grampus

Size: An adult Risso's Dolphin is usually approximately 650 to 1,100 lbs and they are 8.5 to 13 feet long.

Habitat: Risso's Dolphins are found in temperate, subtropical and tropical waters that are generally greater than 3,300 feet in depth.

Description: Unlike most dolphins the Risso's Dolphin does not have a prominent or discernible beak. It has a blunt snout, and they resemble the Pilot Whale. The body of Risso's Dolphin is robust and tapers toward the tail. Risso's Dolphin has a sickle shaped dorsal fin.

Risso’s dolphins are also recognizable as a result of white scar tissue that stretches down their body. The scars are thought to be the result of playful bites from other Risso dolphins or from fighting, or possibly even squid bites. Adult Risso's Dolphins may appear to be almost completely white due to the scarring.

Gestation: Risso's Dolphins carry their young for 13 to 14 months.

Calves: Risso's Dolphin calves are born with a grey skin that becomes chocolate brown with age. Eventually the brown will take on the adult coloring.

Sexual Maturity: Male and female Risso's Dolphins reach sexual maturity at 8.5-9 feet in length.

Risso's Dolphin Photo
Risso's Dolphin

Conservation Classification: Least Concern

Risso's Dolphin Photo

Risso's Dolphin Picture

Diet: Risso's Dolphins feed almost exclusively on squid. They will eat fish, if squid is not available. Risso's dolphins is capable of diving to over 1,000 feet.

Birth: Risso's Dolphin calves are born tail first. Risso's Dolphin calves are 3.5-5.5 feet at birth and they weigh about 45 lbs.

Did You Know?

Risso's Dolphins can hold their breath for up to 30 minutes.

Life Span: The average life span of the Risso's Dolphins is approximately 30 years and perhaps up to 40 years.

Social Structure: Risso's Dolphins are social and they are typically found in groups 10 to 50 dolphins. Occasionally many pods will coalesce into a huge herd of many hundreds or thousands of Risso's dolphins.

Did You Know?

People in Japan, Taiwan and Sri Lanka hunt Risso's Dolphin as food.

Athleticism: Risso’s dolphin are known for their impressive variety of acrobatic acts, including high speed jumps out off the water, breaching, violent tail slapping and the bobbing of their large bulbous heads.

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